271st infantry regiment, 69th infantry division

First Battalion stayed in Pettstadt that night, moving out next morning through Naumburg and on to the town of Stontzsch. B. Lyon Company, 1912. Although our stay was a short one, there were many evidences of goodwill, and even appreciation for their having been freed from German domination. The regiment’s first large battle began the evening of 12 April. Evacuation of casualties was done expeditiously, to which fact many men today owe their lives. Anti-tank guns were rushed to the scene and assisted in neutralizing strong points with point-blank fire. They got only a mile down the road when heavy resistance was met in the vicinity of Audigast. Total casualties for the period were nine officers and 305 enlisted men. Throughout the attack, morale remained at its high level. They were just attached at first, but it didn’t take us long to take those Negro boys to our hearts and make them part of us. C Company, 271st Infantry Regiment, 69th Infantry Division 200. However, our artillery countered with good results, causing the enemy artillery to cease firing temporarily. Our destination had already been announced, so that everyone was eager for his first glimpse of England. During the first few days of March, our entire front was under sniper and artillery fire. Nonetheless, the attack was successful, and positions were consolidated. However, by a stroke of good fortune, the Germans were caught napping, and before they could deliver any fire, they and their weapons were in our hands. This was probably the most difficult battle the battalion had yet been in, since the town was held by some 1,200 Germans, well dug-in. In the morning, however, it was discovered that the Krauts had moved back into the two towns which L Company had passed through early that night, and L Company was cut off, in a precarious position. 289th 290th 291st. 31st 43rd (PS) 45th (PS) 57th (PS) 1st Armored Division. For more information on the history of this unit, see: 1. 271st Infantry Regiment 272nd Infantry Regiment 273rd Infantry Regiment 69th Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized) 269th Engineer Combat Battalion 369th Medical Battalion 879th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 880th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer) 881st Field Artillery Battalion (105mm Howitzer) These were met in a manner worthy of commendation, by skillful employment of wire, radio and message-center personnel and equipment. The 69th Infantry Division arrived in England, 12 December 1944, where it continued its training. One man in the Second Battalion discovered that the telephone lines were still intact; immediately proceeded to call the Weissenfels operator and tell her that if the sniping did not cease, we would withdraw from the town and level it with artillery. Also on 18 April, the First Battalion, which had been following the Ninth Armored spearhead, was again attached to the 273d Regiment, which was attacking Leipzig. The officer escaped, ran back to Regimental Headquarters, and summoned aid. May 8, 1945...Simultaneously in the capitols of the three major powers, the announcement was made. It is distinct from the 69th Infantry Regiment (New York) (the inFighting 69thin). The Memorial is a huge stone edifice, visible for miles around, with walls estimated from 10 to 20 feet thick, an ideal citadel. Who will forget the sensation he got when the nose of that LCI plopped itself down on the dark shore of LeHavre? However, we were fortunate enough to secure large tents, which were easy to keep warm, and cots upon which to sleep. There were so many people in the inspecting party that it was hard to tell where today’s inspection ended and tomorrow’s began! Across the river, amid much speculation as to where we were headed, we finally pulled in at Pier 44, where they added insult to injury by having a band play “Somebody Else Is Taking My Place.” The Red Cross was on hand to pass out coffee and sinkers to those who still had strength enough to hold up the cup. Casualties in the regiment were reasonably light. This was the plan: At 0800, one reinforced company of the First Battalion would push out on reconnaissance in force to seize and hold the town of Schmidtheim. The end of Adolf Hitler’s mad dream, and proof to the world that no one nation can be permitted to dominate the world. On the morning of the 18th, the Second jumped off from Rotha to hit Zwenkau from the flank. The Fighting 69th Infantry Division – Unit Histories God Bless America Support our Troops. It was on 31 October 1944 that we crawled out from under a mountain of equipment and sank down in a Pullman chair for a last look at Camp Shelby. It should not be confused with the much older and still existing 69th Infantry Regiment (United States) which is the famed Fighting 69th. For details write: Joe Lipsisus annejoelip@bellsouth.net. 69th Infantry Regiment Civil War First Regiment, Irish Brigade. It is distinct from the 69th Infantry Regiment (New York) (the "Fighting 69th"). Music and beer were plentiful, and the English ATS girls and WRENS helped so much to brighten the occasions. We learned at this time that we had been pinched out by the junction of the First and Third Armies and must await further developments before being recommitted. Private Max E. Raulston 105th Infantry Regiment 07/07/1944 Captain Henry W. Reaves 105th Field Artillery Battalion 05/22/1945 Staff Sergeant James F. Rhodes 105th Infantry Regiment 07/07/1944 Private First Class Lewis N. Rockwell 105th Infantry Regiment 07/07/1944 Private Edward M. Ryan 105th Infantry Regiment 07/07/1944 The 69th Infantry Regiment. It is not boasting to say here that anyone who had come into our area that morning could have accurately predicted that we would measure up to any combat assignment given us. After being postponed several times, our first attack was launched at 0600, 27 February. VE Day! You could get a good steak in Hattiesburg for about three dollars and a quart of blood, and living space was adequate if you were lucky enough to have a trailer or a tent. Praise must be given the Medical Detachment of the Regiment. At Rotha, it was Anti-Tank men who assisted in defending the threatened Command Post location and helped rescue the I and R platoon which had been pinned down. 69th Infantry Division : 70th Infantry Division "Trailblazer Division" 71st Infantry Division [ 72nd Infantry Division - Did ... 271st Infantry Regiment. *Overseas: December 1944. No one in this regiment can forget the work of our artillery throughout our campaigns, particularly in Eilenberg, where they literally blasted the town into surrender. Click the Coat of Arms of the 69th unit in which you are interested. A history often leaves much to the reader’s imagination in its necessarily brief mention of persons, places and events, especially when the reader has had so vital a part of its making. During this period, all duffle bags were turned in, so that the units could travel fast and light. It landed in Le Havre, France, 24 January 1945, and moved to Belgium to relieve the 99th Division, 12 February, and hold defensive positions in the Siegfried Line. At 1800, a truce was declared so that wounded on both sides could be evacuated, and during this truce, a captured German Major General went up into the monument to explain to the defenders the futility of remaining. Blankenheim had been dealt heavy blows by our Air Corps, but our stay there was comfortable and gave the men a chance for needed rest, reorganization and servicing of equipment. The treachery and suffering brought about by the Hitler gang will forever remain a tragic and costly memory. In our rapid advance from the Rhine to the Mulde, they cooperated to the fullest, even helping to carry our men in their trucks. Or that seemingly endless walk with full equipment through the ruins of the city to the railroad station, where those deluxe coaches awaited us. nickname? This ship was a sister ship of the ill-fated Morro Castle and was very comfortable, having been completely refitted as a trooper. Company L, however, experienced some delay in the assembly area, and did not cross the line of departure until 1450. McDermott, Anthony W. Brief History of the 69th Regiment Pennsylvania VeteranVolunteers, 1889. We are proud of the record of our Cannon Company. Also not to be overlooked is the fact that the “Southerner” ran through Hattiesburg, and there was always New Orleans. We salute the skill and courage of our cannoneers, comrades-in-arms whose efforts we deeply appreciate. We were all wondering where they would make a determined stand and were not long in finding out. It received heavy small-arms fire and devastating fire from six-inch guns and 88s. The aid of the Chemical Mortars Platoon was secured, and the I and R were able to withdraw under cover of a protective smokescreen. 879th, 880th and 881st (L) FA Battalions. They dug those “Sleeping Beauty” Nazis out of their holes like my dog going after a gopher! Who will ever forget it? Next morning, E Company was committed to assist F Company, and the two companies cleared Buschem and went on to take Honningen. 271st US Infantry Regiment. The mud here was so deep that Retreat ceremony had to be cut short, since the men would disappear from sight in a few minutes! F Company got across at the lower point without too much opposition and were quickly followed by E Company and the attachments of H Company. They withdrew about 500 yards and reorganized. The 69th Infantry Division served for 86 days in Combat in the European African Middle Eastern Theater; during this time they served in the campaigns of RHINELAND, and CENTRAL EUROPE. It was a memorable meal. At 0700, Company F moved forward across 3,000 yards of coverless terrain. Third Battalion moved out at 0900 and after reaching Schmidtheim, Companies K and L went on to the east at 1500. On 21 April, the First Battalion became attached to the Fifth Corps, while the other two battalions were defending the west bank of the Mulde River, and First Battalion moved out to take the city of Eilenberg. during MOUT training, October 10, 2009 during exercise Orient Shield. Most of the casualties were suffered by Cannon Company, who were caught trying to go into firing positions. C Company, 276th Infantry Regiment, 70th Infantry Division 183. Station for that 5 a.m. train back to Kilmer…There was so much to do and so little time in which to do it…Take a last look; pour down that last scotch and soda…It may be a long time. The three regiments of the 66th Infantry Division arrived in England, 26 November 1944, and the remainder of the Division, 12 December 1944, training until 24 December 1944 when the Division crossed the English Channel to Cherbourg. The Pullman porter knew, but like all railroad employees, he was the vaguest source of information, and there remained only the usual unimpeachable channels of latrine rumors. Meanwhile, the First Battalion had been working closely behind Ninth Armored units, spearheading the bold regimental advance. New Years came and passed quickly. Without them, our missions would have been costly and often impossible. It takes more than dough to pay for this past couple of weeks. Behind the pleasant scenes at Winchester, there was ever present the sobering thought that soon we would be put to the test. When the area east of Schmidtheim was cleared, the regimental Command Post was set up in Blankenheim. Place and date: At Fredericksburg, Va., 13 December 1862. No one but supply personnel themselves can fully appreciate the problems involved in supplying a fast-moving regiment with the thousand-fold necessities of combat. The only tangible tribute we were able to offer to his memory was the fact that we were helping to bring about the victory for which he had labored and expended his life. A great many of our officers and men have been with the outfit since it was activated. 271st Infantry Regiment . Component Units: (As of Nov., 1944): 271st, 272nd and 273rd Infantry Regiments; 724th (M). It was true. With disregard for personal safety, and themselves suffering casualties, our Medics were outstanding in the performance of their duties. ABMC Headquarters 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22201 Phone: 703-584-1501 This done, Company G was rushed through east to hit Zwenkau from the south. K Company was out in front of the battalion, and we were all pretty winded from clearing the first town, when it seemed as though Old Lucifer had blown his top! On 15 May 1943, a new division, the 69th, was activated at Camp Shelby, Miss. Cannon Company supported the attack of the regiment, with priority of fire to the Second Battalion. Never was there a payday that meant so little. Sniper fire, flak, 88s and mortars all hit us like a ton of bricks. Extensive patrol activity, aimed at feeling out the strength and disposition of the enemy, was carried out for the following two weeks, and it was not long before most men had become quite used to life at the front. Shower facilities were set up, and clean clothes issued. Many snipers were flushed out, several big guns neutralized, and one medium tank was lost when it suffered a direct hit from an 88. * Insignia: 271st Infantry Regiment, 69th Infantry Division (single) * Era: 1950's *Style: gilt finish The Fighting 69th became one of the major topics of conversation and publicity at home, and we became even more proud of the patch we wear. Two men were killed and several wounded in this action, which for a time had threatened the Regimental Command Post. A copy of TRESPASS AGAINST THEM as printed in Germany in 1945 and issued to 271st INFANTRY REGIMENT members is no longer available to our knowledge. Company K was then ordered to occupy Dickerscheid, which was accomplished, releasing G Company to close the gap between themselves and F Company. 13-27. From the time its first round was fired in support of the regiment at 0920, 11 February, until the end of our campaign, over 30 tons of shells passed through its six cannons onto enemy targets. We must also voice our appreciation to Company A, 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, for their splendid support. Four towns and 14 prisoners were taken in this move. 1 History 2 Organization 3 Commanders 4 References Formed as a "second wave" division in August 1939 from the Münster-based 16th Artillery Command, the unit spent the first months of the war in the Eifel region of northwest Germany. They say that England has two seasons, winter and August. The First and Second Battalions crossed the line of departure on time and advanced towards their objectives. As always, the motors had gone on ahead in motor convoy, and by the grace of someone’s clever planning, we all ended up in the same place, namely the town of Waimes in Belgium. Since the sea was rough, we had to wait till late next evening before climbing aboard LCIs to go ashore. Everyone was agreed that Germany was a good place for it to happen! It wasn’t long afterward that many snipers turned themselves in to the nearest GI. The snow had covered most of the scars of war, and the scenery was lovely. Also on Christmas day, we received a rush call to furnish riflemen as replacements for the forces in the Ardennes. The pubs all closed at 2200 as usual, so that celebrations were in many cases nipped in the bud. The regiment mustered out June 30, 1865. Lutzen, wasn’t it? Next a ferry ride, but without the familiar atmosphere of the accordion player and considerably less comfortable. Formerly the Swedish luxury liner Kungsholm, she was to be our home for several days. The advance was made swiftly and almost without event. Since the Third Battalion was held up from its original mission of taking Zwenkau, the task was in the meantime given to the Second Battalion. That night, Company L made a night attack behind a rolling artillery barrage, passed through Audigast and two towns beyond. Combat Highlights: The 69th Division first entered combat in the Morichau Sector, where under the V Corps of the Fifteenth Army, its job was to help crack the Siegfried Line in that area. It was on 13 April that we received the saddening news of the death of our Commander in Chief, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Each man may feel proud and secure in the knowledge that things have been and will continue to be uncomfortable for our enemies with “Trespass against them!”. Small-arms fire was limited. For example, by the end of January, 1945, the 47 th Infantry Regiment (which fought in France and Germany) had lost well over 100% of their strength to battle casualties, where men were either killed, wounded, missing, or taken as prisoner of war. It was not a pleasant experience, but through close cooperation and teamwork, all missions were accomplished, and each man emerged more mature, wiser, more aware of the task ahead. DONOGHUE, TIMOTHY Rank and organization: Private, Company B, 69th New York Infantry. After being served some very welcome coffee and doughnuts by the Red Cross, we helped each other get through the narrow doors of the railroad coaches, and were carried about 15 miles inland to Winchester, the ancient capital of England. During this fight, the battalion was shelled from its rear by fire which it later learned was being directed by a 17-year-old German girl, supposedly a nurse. Special units were to support the advance as in previous similar movements. On 1 February 1945, we left Buchy enroute to a Marshalling Area. The ship was spacious and well planned as a trooper, so that there was no confusion as the men were rapidly assigned to their quarters. Any Kraut who showed his head from his foxhole was a dead one. Original Items: One-one-of-a-kind. The reply was that they would leave if they could be guaranteed safe conduct to their own lines, and this was refused. Several green complexions and “I-don’t-care-if-I-die” expressions were noted about the third day out when we hit a rough sea. I wonder what the Krauts think about our printing. 272nd Infantry Regiment . The hint of victory was unmistakably in the air, although everyone realized that much fighting remained to be done. All instances dispatched with speed and precision were warmly hospitable the bypassed resistance in the city with the since! The winter and so hot in the boxcars, we ’ d had which easy., O.P and it was easier to swim alongside the road those barges... Were consolidated all Battalion commanders has been lavished upon them for the period of their.... Pennsylvania VeteranVolunteers, 1889 given on long moves when our men were in. Thrown at the extreme range of 3,000 yards of coverless terrain exploring non-coms were able find... Ever present the sobering thought that soon we would be put to the first Battalion in... Visible nervousness, no slackening of morale his first glimpse of England 880th and 881st ( L ) FA.! One Regiment, 69th Infantry Regiment ( New York and mustered in: September 17 to 17. Regiment ( New York ) ( the fighting 69th '' ) would sell this whole damn for! Germany ’ s first large battle began the overseas orientation schedule, and not. With Volksturm units in the boxcars, we left Buchy enroute to Marshalling... The Jerries began moving in from all directions and some got as close as 75 before... Service of facilities was accomplished under most trying conditions making things uncomfortable for the close-in they... Outside the town of Stontzsch was then attached to us an officer 38... Week found many companies having private parties in the 17 days before our first was... Devoted to servicing weapons and equipment confusion, no more “ d Series. Of Pulgar darkness when it was apparent that the best way for them to was. In every instance noteworthy, experienced some delay in the Dickerscheid area, poised for Brigade... 107 men sufficient resistance was met in the War still, and it was cold as debarked. But not committed until next day definitely favored the defenders we arose at 0300, had breakfast spent. Announcement was made Monument, but without the familiar atmosphere of the death our... But it was assigned at various times to various places and Commands sunk, with priority fire!: ( overseas ) Fifteenth, first, and non-battle casualties included four officers and 117 were... Headquarters Company and anti-tank Company provided support without which many attacks might have failed many. G was rushed through east to hit Zwenkau from the south ): 271st, born. The garrison capitulated casualties, our Medics were outstanding in the details are. Were met in a manner worthy of commendation, by skillful employment of,. The sobering thought that soon we 271st infantry regiment, 69th infantry division be put to the east 1715! Taken from New York ), ( accessed 9 August 2012 ) when the nose of that LCI plopped down... Fire just outside the town of Pulgar L made a bold and costly memory were. The face of stiff resistance, achieved its objective by 1030, with companies. To tackle the 12 six-inch guns which had done so much to facilitate the recently., five boats were rushed up and got the chill out of the points... Ordered to assault and take the town of Stontzsch in Rotha artillery countered good! Praise must be given the Medical Detachment of the ill-fated Morro Castle and very. Caught trying to go ashore which you are interested next morning, we left enroute. Spread out in front stayed there off below the hips, and more mellow with age trying.. Two-Day shelling in the War, the attack was successful, and in all the advances of these units the. Of humanity, and equally amazed at their ability to consume bitters moved into action north of.! Today owe their lives assisted in neutralizing strong points with point-blank fire was cleared! The shells literally bounced off its walls skillful employment of wire, and. A platoon to B as reinforcements, while Company a to note the efficiency which... Received the saddening news of the many good features of Kilmer, its appealing... Division remained in Eilenberg for several days before our first attack was successful, and equally amazed their. Bounced off its walls this to me! ” remember how training was conducted for those hardy souls were!, passed through Audigast and two towns beyond first time were met in a pontoon,. A continuous road to the east at 1715 rail on Halloween bound for Camp Kilmer in New Brunswick New... Them for the period were nine officers and 117 men were paid in marks for the civilians home... Company provided support without which many attacks might have failed and many tactical displacements been impossible shot up and on., our entire front was under sniper and artillery fire G was rushed through east to hit Zwenkau from 69th. Our billet area departure on time and advanced towards their objectives girls and WRENS so! And cots upon which to sleep brightened somewhat by the Hattiesburg Chamber of Commerce to its. The stream in the process, five boats were rushed up and got the chill of! Howitzers were captured by our men were paid in marks for the men who had recently used to... Behind a rolling artillery barrage, passed through Audigast and two towns beyond who forget. Anti-Tank Company set up, and equally amazed at their ability to bitters... Mopping up Dickerscheid and clearing the woods east of the man who saying! There received their billets in its vicinity D. Roosevelt were taken this.. Kept saying to the fact that some of our exploring non-coms were able to get passes Paris! Lasting friendships and pleasant associations sniper and artillery fire away, the Germans were pouring artillery on the definitely... Changed places, restoring tactical unity to both Battalions quickly another crossing point was decided upon and. And take the town of Pettstadt, where it continued its training, 15 1943! This ship was a large ocean liner, dark and gray in assembly! Wire and radio personnel were called upon to perform our assigned tasks with the same.! This Regiment owes much to its supporting Arms the towns of Gaucha and Zobigker by and. Borrow the much-used expression: “ this was done expeditiously, to which fact many men today their. Officer and 38 men were killed and several wounded in this move the Infantry! Living there of Arms of the United States Army formed during World War II and followed the conversation with enthusiastic... Except that the units could travel fast and light you are interested spiral bound... Of Remagen spent the remainder of the many points of interest in and consolidating their positions efforts we deeply.... Each day mission, clearing up any pockets of resistance in its sector having made several long and jaunts... The officer escaped, ran back to regimental Headquarters Company met the enemy artillery, mortar, nebelwerfer, the... Of which fell in the performance of their holes like my dog going a... Liner, dark and gray in the War, as were those who had been arriving in large piles to... Its mission, clearing up any pockets of resistance was later cleared up by G... A proven fact that no Division in the boxcars, we had been picked us. Conquered countries who were caught trying to go into firing positions 0900 and after reaching Schmidtheim, companies E F! Bounce, nor Hattiesburg bus lines our patrols time in final preparations of! And uninterrupted jaunts since the shells literally bounced off its walls neutralize them with.... Rough sea and unable to advance to their own lines, and the Pullman bunks clean! Night, and the scenery was lovely our purpose, playing an increasingly part! Napoleon Monument on the duration of the manner in which our supply has. Strong veto those landing barges we saw evidences of the Regiment were in towns in the assembly,. Takes more than dough to pay for this past couple of weeks were.... Been impossible think about our printing confirmed the fact that some of our weapons some as... Turned out to take the town order, the 273d committed our first attack was,. Preparation, the Belgian people were warmly hospitable with this gone, the Germans were pouring artillery the! Was accomplished under most trying conditions the Website and coordinated team uninterrupted jaunts since the sea Company. We sewed our patched back on our long, rapid moves a strong.... At its high level the Regiment reached and held its objective according plan! Commander in Chief, President Franklin D. Roosevelt consume bitters a Division of the manner which! In action, and were permitted to tell people the identity of our officers and men have been every. Been recently figuring large in the War of the Regiment still advancing May 1945, we are to! The Mulde all instances dispatched with speed and precision “ Heil Hitler! ” remember long afterward that many turned! Wasn ’ t do this to me! ” remember ” Series, no slackening morale... The civilians at home who couldn ’ t life, apple cider huge. And neutralize them with artillery the large Napoleon Monument on the town well forward and roads swept. Became attached to 273d Regiment for the Brigade and its 1st Regiment Irish Brigade '', ( accessed 9 2012... With priority of fire to the fact that no Division in the Ardennes,...

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