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Exclusive: Swiss startup unveils ‘world-first’ AI translation service

A startup claims to have launched a world-first AI speech-to-speech translation system. The tool, called Aivia, was developed by Interprefy, a Zurich-based provider of translation services. The firm focuses on interpreting meetings and events — a market being turbocharged by globalisation.  As interactions spread across […]

Ukraine’s year of war exposes changing roles for cyber weapons

On the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion, Ukraine is commemorating horrific losses — and remarkable defiance. The country’s fierce resistance on the battlefield has been echoed on the digital front — where Kyiv has unique experience. The conflict with Russia has become the world’s first […]

New sensor promises to bring ‘true colour’ to smartphone photos

In the fiercely contested smartphone market, photography can be a key battleground. Alongside the insatiable desires for better batteries, durability, storage, and processing, camera quality consistently ranks as a key factor when choosing a phone. At CES 2023, Spectricity, a startup based in Belgium, unveiled […]