Artificial Intelligence

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DeepMind’s AI has found more new materials in a year than scientists have in centuries

Google DeepMind researchers have trained a deep learning model to predict the structure of over 2.2 million crystalline materials — 45 times more than the number discovered in the entire history of science. Of the two million-plus new materials, some 381,000 are thought to be […]

Paris-based Mistral releases first generative AI model — and it’s totally free

Europe’s startup contribution to the generative AI bonanza, Mistral, has released its first model. Mistral 7B is free to download and be used anywhere — including locally.  French AI developer Mistral says its Large Language Model is optimal for low latency, text summarisation, classification, text […]

European Central Bank assembles ‘infinity team’ to identify GenAI applications

European Union bureaucracy might not conjure the most exciting of connotations. However, being part of the “infinity team” surely puts a superhero-esque spin on your average Frankfurt grey high-rise working day.  Minute takers watch out. After surveying employees on where deploying generative AI could be […]